2020 Labyrinth Project

WHY@Breakfast was delighted to collaborate with Christ Lutheran church, Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church, St. Agnes Catholic Church, and Trillium Lutheran Church, to give local Christians the opportunity to pray with a labyrinth.

Two years ago, as Christians commemorate the 500th anniversary of Reformation, WHY@Breakfast and the five churches in Waterloo followed a program called Together In Christ. Participants studied, prayed and reflected on their history and faith journey together. At the end of the program, we made commitments to continue the dialogue, let ourselves be transformed by our encounter with one another , and be witnesses of the mercy of God together in our service to the greater community.

Praying with the Labyrinth

In this busy world of ours, finding moments to focus on our relationship with God is no easy task. Praying with the labyrinth is a spiritual practice that allows us to connect our body, mind and spirit, and come close to God. It’s one path to the centre reflects our Christian understanding of the single path to salvation by following Christ.  Some people find the practice allows them to simply enter into a moment of silence and enjoy their time with God.

During Winter 2020, each church planned to take turns hosting the labyrinth indoors one Saturday each month. Christ Lutheran Church welcomed everyone to use its outdoor labyrinth during the warmer months.  Here, Pastor David Malina talks about the outdoor labyrinth at Christ Lutheran Church. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Labyrinth vs Maze

In this short clip, Pastor Annette Smith of Trillium Lutheran Church explains the difference between a labyrinth and a maze.