We are excited to have Sister Eileen Power, CND, back at WHY@Breakfast on April 17th!  

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About our speaker:

Eileen Power, a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal (CND), has engaged in education and faith development for many years. As a teacher, Chaplaincy Team Leader, retreat facilitator and spiritual director, she continues to learn and grow along with those with whom she is graced to journey.  She has an MDiv from St Michael’s College, University of Toronto and a Diploma in Spiritual Direction from the Haden Institute.

We are delighted to have Sister Eileen sharing her gifts with us again at WHY@Breakfast. Our participants loved her insightful presentation in February, and we look forward to tapping into her wisdom on knowing the hope to which God has called us soon!

The Call of Hope will be presented via Zoom on April 17th. The presentation will start at 9:30 AM and will end before noon.  Registration ends at 9 AM on  April 15th or  when we reach capacity.

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WHY@Breakfast is pleased to offer six Lenten Circles for six Saturday mornings during Lent!

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Let us spend some time connecting with others online, share our prayer intentions, pray for one another, and try a spiritual practice. By entering meditation, we practice the art of letting go of our ego, “dying to self.” It is one way to participate in Lent. May the spiritual activities help you to be who God calls you to be!

WHY@Breakfast is delighted to have past speakers and friends participating in this initiative, leading our circles with their favourite spiritual practices.

There is no fee to participate in our hour-long circles. In the spirit of almsgiving, each  of our guest is suggesting a charitable organization for the consideration of our participants in making a monetary donation or in offering of prayers.



Andrea Di Giovanni, Professor, King’s University College and St. Peter’s Seminary, London, ON

            St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre in London (Out-Of-The-Cold soup kitchen)  – Donate via http://www.csjcanada.org/

Catherinanne George, Director of Campus Ministry, Brescia University College, London, ON

          Save-a-Family-Plan: a Canadian-based international organization encouraging those from developed countries assist families and communities in India. https://safp.org – Donate via Save A Family Plan | Charity Profile | Donate Online | Canadahelps

Teresa Hartnett, Director of Family Ministry, Diocese of Hamilton

             Birthright of Hamilton – Donate via https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/birthright-organization-of-hamilton/

Barbara Paleczny, School Sister of Notre Dame, PhD/SThD

             Solidarity with South Sudan www.solidarityssudan.org


Paula Rush, Catechist

            The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association of Canada   –  Donate via https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/catechesis-of-the-good-shepherd-association-of-canada/


*Supporting your own parish is always a good idea too! For Hamilton diocese, see https://hamiltondiocese.com/stewardship-and-development/supportmyparish.



Each Lenten Circle is limited to 20 participants only. Participants are welcome to join as many Lenten circles as they wish. However, please only sign up if you are planning to attend.

To register, click on the date of the Lenten Circle that you wish to participate and complete the short form. (Each date will need a separate registration.)

All sessions begin at 10 AM. 

February 20th  Lectio Divina with Paula (Sorry, this circle is full.) An encounter with God through the words of scripture.

February 27th Dominican Spirituality with Andrea (Sorry, this circle is full.)-An introduction to St. Dominic of Guzman, his approach to study, prayer, community and mission, and ways we can practice this spirituality today.

March 6th        Finger Labyrinth with Therese  -An online adaptation of praying with the labyrinth. Praying with the Labyrinth was introduced in European cathedrals in early the 13th century. The practice was largely forgotten for about 250 years and was only re-introduced  back to the Christian tradition about 30 years ago. We may use the finger labyrinth to process our pandemic experience and to reflect on God’s presence in our turbulent journey in the past year.

March 13th      Awareness Prayer with Sister Barbara (Sorry, this circle is full.) -Our most healing, life-giving prayer arises from who we really are . . . and then trusting  and daring to be with God as we are. . . . every day!

March 20th      Angela’s Way with Catherinanne -St. Angela Merici transformed the face of the world for women—and for all people—through her visions, and through a combined practice of contemplation and action.  Responding to the needs of the times, St. Angela and her company of women moved out into the streets to make a difference for others through their unique gifts.  We will look at how we can be given new vision to respond to the needs of our times through Angela’s Way, through the Ursuline spirituality of contemplation and action.

March 27th      Spiritual Practice of Study with Teresa (Sorry, this circle is full.) The Spiritual Practice of Study challenges us to be purposeful about both what and how we pay attention to everyday occurrences and “stuff” in our lives. We transform our minds by using concentration, perception and repetition to “study” our personal world and work towards solidifying the values and beliefs we will practise in our lives.


Welcome to WHY@Breakfast!

I love to learn and to discover with others on how to deepen our relationship with Christ!

A few years ago, while sipping my coffee in a local cafe on a Saturday morning, I saw a few fellow parishioners who were enjoying their cup of Joe, reading the local paper.  I had this aha moment of why weren’t we all sitting in our church Parish Centre, sharing information with each other?

As a cradle Catholic, I have always felt that I adopted a lot of “traditions” without asking, going along with the motions.  I am pretty sure there are meanings behind a lot of those traditions.  If they were taught to me when I was in elementary school, I am sorry to say I did not retain much from those years.  I was also confident that I was not the only Catholic in this predicament of ignorance.  If professionals need to take courses or attend seminars for continuing education points for the renewal of their status every year, it makes sense to me that Catholics should have some good system for their “continuing education.”

In December of 2011, with the question “Why does the church talk about Mary if Jesus is our Savior?”, I organized the first WHY@Breakfast talk in Waterloo, Ontario.  It was a very enjoyable experience where everyone learned something new, cleared some myths, and all the while having a good breakfast!

I hope WHY@Breakfast presentations and events may be useful for us to build our relationships with Christ. Some presentations under the label WHYforChristians are suitable for all Christians.  Other presentations from WHY@Breakfast will focus on Catholic church teachings or perspectives on current Catholic Church issues.

I hope you will join me at a WHY@Breakfast event soon!

It’s fun to learn and it’s so much more enjoyable to learn with others!