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At WHY@Breakfast, we believe God is constantly reaching out to us. We simply need to be aware of His presence in our lives and be eager to nurture our relationship with Christ!

How it all began?

It all began with a love of learning and the desire of deepening one’s relationship with Christ! [Read more…]

Our Upcoming Online Event

We are delighted to offer Group Spiritual Direction again in Fall 2023! Stay tuned!

Group Spiritual Direction

Do you long to grow in awareness of God’s presence in your life?

Are you willing to help others in their journey with God?

This Group Spiritual Direction may provide the sacred space for you to deepen your relationship with God.

Join us and experience how God may direct your life!

For more information, check out our Group Spiritual Direction page.

WHY@Breakfast has been hosting presentations and special events with a Catholic perspective since 2011. We hope to share practical tools and resources to assist Christians on their faith journey.

Please feel free to browse these resources:

Past Events in 2022:

November 2022: Arise! With Grace, Hope & Resilience, a video presentation with Sister Eileen Power, CND, as our speaker.

December 3rd, 2022: Advent Prayer of Hope, an online event with Sister Eileen Power, CND, as our facilitator.

***Excerpts of the above presentations are posted on our Latest-Video page.

***Disclaimer: The content, views and opinions expressed at WHY@Breakfast presentations belong solely to the invited speakers. Views or methods expressed at the day of presentation do not imply endorsement by WHY@Breakfast or the organizer of the event.

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