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November 2022: Sister Eileen Power presents “Arise! With Grace, Hope and Resilience.”

Videos from Past Presentations:

Advent 2021: Sister Barbara Paleczny presents “St. Joseph: A Man Who Followed His Dreams.”

September 25th, 2021: Sister Barbara Paleczny presents “A Day of Healing.”

April 17th, 2021: Sister Eileen presents “The Call of Hope.”

(1) What is Hope?

(2) The Message of the Cross: On Hope and Healing

Feb 6th, 2021: Sister Eileen Power presents “Full of Grace,” fingering the beads.

Excerpts from the presentation featuring some key ideas:

November 21st, 2020: Father Cornelius O’Mahony leading a Day of Prayer and Reflection, Advent in Pandemic Times: Finding the Hope and Joy.

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November 24th, 2018  (Rev.) John Lougheed presenting Making Sense of Jingle Bells.

How to receive the Christ Child when you are not in a festive mood?


May 23rd, 2020:  Teresa Hartnett presenting Gender, Sexuality, and the Catholic Church.

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