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April 17th, 2021 Sister Eileen Power presents “The Call of Hope”.

Here are the excerpts from the presentation:

(1) What is Hope?

(2) The Message of the Cross: On Hope and Healing

(3) The Breathing Prayer: 1. Background

(4) The Breathing Prayer: 2. The Practice

This video includes bonus clip on Sister Eileen leading us in the exercise of releasing tension in the body prior to practicing the breathing prayer.

Videos from Past Presentations:

Feb 6th, 2021: Sister Eileen Power presents “Full of Grace,” fingering the beads.

Excerpts from the presentation featuring some key ideas:


November 21st, 2020: Father Cornelius O’Mahony leading a Day of Prayer and Reflection, Advent in Pandemic Times: Finding the Hope and Joy.

(1) Retreat Notes prepared by Father Con: 

(2) Reading of the Story of the Disciples on the Road to Emmaus by Fr. Con.

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(3) Fr. Con’s Presentation on Nov 21st, 2020:

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November 24th, 2018  (Rev.) John Lougheed presenting Making Sense of Jingle Bells.

How to receive the Christ Child when you are not in a festive mood?


May 23rd, 2020:  Teresa Hartnett presenting Gender, Sexuality, and the Catholic Church.

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