A Magnificent Domino Trick

Domino effect - freedigitalphoto.net by renjith krishnan

I came across one YouTube video on domino effect yesterday. https://youtu.be/ARM42-eorzE

It’s amazing how one can set up domino tiles so that that the falling of a single small piece can lead to amazing consequences.

In this particular video and its accompanying one, a simple marble was set in motion. As it moves, it leads to the creation of an amazing visual pattern, the changes of one pattern to another beautiful pattern, a hidden message revealed, cards over-turned, the mingling of different coloured pieces of tiles, the colours of the underside of the tiles revealed, the breaking of a wall of blocks, the destruction of a structure,  the propulsion of other objects in line, and the odd times when motion seems to go backwards before it moves forward again.

Now, what if you are that one marble about to be set in motion by God, what might be the consequence of your actions?  What if you do not respond to God’s call?  What will happen to the amazing plan that was to be, the changes that were supposed to happen, the missed messages, the new face that was not revealed, the people who did not meet one another, the wall that did not get broken down, the evil thoughts that did not get shelved, the goodness that was not pay-forward, others who did not get to follow God’s direction as a result. What then?

We are all members of the body of Christ.  We are connected to one another.  We might be the marble that set things in motion. We might be one of the tiles in the chain of dominos. God, of course, is the one who arranges the tiles. Now, as the reaction time between any two tiles will likely be affected by the distance between the two tiles, how we relate to one another will affect the timing of various events. Our height will also determine whether we will collide onto the next tile at all.  If we are shorter than the gap between ourselves and others, the chain reaction will stop with us! So, what determines our “height”?  I will suggest that it is our own faith.  Of course, there is no way to measure faith. However, if we do not do anything to nourish our faith, broaden our knowledge on what we believe in, to get to know that church of which we claim to be members, I suspect we will never be “tall” enough to reach the next person.

So, just like the domino tiles, in order to be part of a magnificent domino trick, we have to be willing to answer the call, relate to one another and nourish our own faith!

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