Understanding the Doctrine of Trinity through Mathematics

It has been a little while since I last posted something here. I started taking a program in September at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario and am enjoying it very much.

One session of the program back in October was on the topic of the doctrine of Trinity.  It was mentioned then that there were parts of the doctrine that people generally have trouble understanding them and people just accepted the doctrine on faith, calling that a mystery itself. While I find that a wonderful sign of faith for so many, the difficult parts do not seem so daunting for me at all.  As the doctrine was explained in class, my mind seemed to switch to the mathematical concepts that I learned many years ago.  Sometimes,  people are worried that I might be putting a “formula” on the concept of God.  In reality, my mind  is simply expressing the written lines within our creed or doctrine in a different language – the Mathematical language.  The beauty of it is that concepts that are well proven within the mathematical world can then be used to help our understanding of theological concepts.  At least, this will help the mathies out there. I think a better understanding of the doctrine will make me a firm believer and can help me better explain the doctrine to others in traditional languages.

So, here it is…for those who might be interested…  Enjoy!

Understanding the Doctrine of the Trinity through Mathematics

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