Seeking God, our Comforter!

♪ “O rest in the Lord, wait patiently for him…” ♪

This aria by Handel has been ringing in my ears for over two weeks now.  It started when a musician friend needed consolation and I was lost for words.  At the time, the first piece of music that came to mind which I thought would bring him some peace was “O Rest in the Lord” from Handel’s oratorio Elijah, with the words from Psalm 37.  So, I sent him a YouTube link as a reply to his misery.  Instantly, the melody became my earworm.  After that, in the days following, I kept receiving bad news of one thing or another, crisis after crisis.  Many days, my heart was just grieving and feeling hopeless. Somehow, God showed his presence on two separate unrelated occasions within the last week, once at my voice teacher’s studio and once at a bi-monthly musicians’ get-together. “O rest in the Lord” is not a rare piece. Still, the coincidence of me hearing it sung live twice in a week is exceptional. (The last time I heard it live prior to this week must have been over 10 years ago!) Now, the music did not make the sadness or worries go away, but I do feel God’s presence and comfort in this difficult time.

I seek God in music.  How do you seek God?


BTW, here is a link for one rendition of the piece on YouTube.

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