The True Gift

It was such a blessing to hear one sermon this Christmas season while visiting a Lutheran church. The pastor mentioned how he sent gifts to his staff as a “Thank You” for their service.  They are really gifts of gratitude.  Within the family, he talked about getting gifts from Santa, whom we all know keep a good list and a bad list.  So, the gifts from Santa are gifts of rewards.  Now, when God sent his Son among us, that’s a kind of gift that is extraordinary.  That is a gift to each of us, whether we deserve it or not!

It got me thinking:  What’s a good gift?  You know, the kind that totally says we understand what it means to be the baptized. 

This is the season when we send our well wishes to others and have family obligations, reunions of sorts.  Perhaps, a good gift will be to treat family and friends in the kindest way we possibly can, even when they do not deserve it. Perhaps, we are reluctant to send out Christmas and New Year wishes to people who gave us no acknowledgement for such kindness for the last five years. Then, we all have that arrogant relative, that one member who criticizes everything, that snobbish uncle or cousin, whom we have to sit with at the same dinner table. Other opinionated friends might get on our nerves.  Certain family members might have memory problems who test our patience. Just remember: We can do better than Santa! God gave us a gift, whether we deserved it or not! Let’s pass on that gift!

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!

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